Volume 4, Number 1
November 2008

Target on Conscious Self

Cover Art: Ataxophobia-4 © Han Hoogebrugge 2008, e-print on dibond, 120 x 140 cm, courtesy Base Alpha Gallery, Antwerpen.

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How and Why the Brain Lays the Foundations for a Conscious Self

Martin V. Butz

Why and How to Avoid Representation (Open Peer Commentary)

Marco C. Bettoni

Treacherous Terms (Open Peer Commentary)

Ernst von Glasersfeld

The Mind Is Not In the Brain (Open Peer Commentary)

John Stewart

Anticipation and Self-consciousness. Are these Functions of the Brain? (Open Peer Commentary)

Humberto R. Maturana

Two Basic Agreements and Two Doubts (Open Peer Commentary)

Giovanni Pezzulo & Cristiano Castelfranchi

Cause and Effect: The Anticipatory Drive and the Principle of Least Time (Open Peer Commentary)

Samarth Swarup

The Role of Sensations in the Anticipating Self (Open Peer Commentary)

Mathias Osvath

Maladaptive Anticipations (Open Peer Commentary)

Martina Rieger

Predicting Events Without Miracle Neurons: Towards a Sober Consideration of Brain Data (Open Peer Commentary)

Ricarda I. Schubotz

A Computational Linguistics Perspective on the Anticipatory Drive (Open Peer Commentary)

Günter Neumann

Objectifying the Subjective Self: An Account From a Synthetic Robotics Approach (Open Peer Commentary)

Jun Tani

Anticipation of Motor Acts: Good for Sportsmen, Bad for Thinkers (Open Peer Commentary)

John G. Taylor

The Issue of Reductionism. A Radical Constructivist Approach to the Philosophy of Physics

Andreas Quale

Methodologizing Radical Constructivism. Recipes for RC-Designs in the Social Sciences

Karl H. Müller

Computing a Reality: Heinz von Foerster’s Lecture at the A.U.M Conference in 1973

Heinz von Foerster & Albert Müller

How Questioning Reality Can Help Face Real Problems. Review of: Studies in Meaning 3: Constructivist Psychotherapy in the Real World, edited by Jonathan D. Raskin & Sara K. Bridges, 2008

Gabriele Chiari