Volume 4, Number 3
July 2009

Selected Papers from the Heinz von Foerster Congress 2007, Part 2

Cover Art: Les dix paroles, première parole: La montagne des paroles © Francis Méan 2006, Gravure 80 x 60 cm, courtesy of the artist.

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Relativism, Fascism, and the Question of Ethics in Constructivism

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Reflexivity and Eigenform: The Shape of Process

Louis H. Kauffman

Conversation: Possibilities of its Repair and Descent into Discourse and Computation

Klaus Krippendorff

Conversation, Individuals and Concepts: Some Key Concepts in Gordon Pask’s Interaction of Actors and Conversation Theories

Bernard Scott

Consciousness as Symbolic Construction: A Semiotics of Thought after Cassirer

Hans-Herbert Kögler

Are Enactivists Radical? Book Review of: Richard Menary (ed.) (2006) Radical Enactivism: Intentionality, Phenomenology and Narrative. Focus on the philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto

Dawid Lubiszewski

Breaking the Spell of Volition. Review of Disorders of Volition, edited by Natalie Sebanz and Wolfgang Prinz, 2006

Przemyslaw Nowakowski

Publication Review