Volume 4 · Number 3 · Pages 170–171
Are Enactivists Radical? Book Review of: Richard Menary (ed.) (2006) Radical Enactivism: Intentionality, Phenomenology and Narrative. Focus on the philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto

Dawid Lubiszewski

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Summary: What makes Hutto’s account special is his commitment to the rejection of content, a point where he becomes a real radical. The book is not just another book about enactivism but it is an enactive book for everyone written by an enactivist.


Lubiszewski D. (2009) Are enactivists radical? Book review of: Richard menary (ed.) (2006) radical enactivism: Intentionality, phenomenology and narrative. Focus on the philosophy of daniel d. Hutto. Constructivist Foundations 4(3): 170–171. http://constructivist.info/4/3/170

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