Volume 5, Number 2
March 2010

Cover Art: Picasso on the floor © Chris Despriet 2006, 50 x 70 cm, oil on canvas, courtesy of the artist

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From Cybernetics to Second-Order Cybernetics: A Comparative Analysis of Their Central Ideas

Tom Froese

On the Importance of Being Emergent. Extended Review of “Emergence and Embodiment: New Essays on Second-Order Systems Theory” edited by Bruce Clark and Mark B. N. Hanson.Duke University Press, Durham, 2009.

Peter Cariani

Palatable Mathematical Science in Schools? Review of “Radical Constructivism. A Relativist Epistemic Approach to Science Education” by Andres Quale. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2008.

Gary M. Boyd

Theorizing About Constructivist Therapy. Review of “Constructivist Psychotherapy: A Narrative Hermeneutic Approach” by Gabriele Chiari & Maria Laura Nuzzo. Routledge, London, 2010.

Jonathan D. Raskin

Can the Mind Be Extended? And How? Review of “Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment, Action and Cognitive Extension” by Andy Clark. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008.

Lucas Manuel Bietti

Descartes, Embodiment and the Post-human Horizon of Neurosciences. Review of “How Body Shapes The Mind” by Shaun Gallagher. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2005. 

Andrea Pitasi

The Culture of Cybernetics. Review of “The Black Boox. Volume III: 39 Steps” by Ranulph Glanville. Edition echoraum, Vienna, 2009.

Dirk Baecker

Nativist Constraints on Cognitive Processes Called into Question. Review of “Neoconstructivism. The New Science of Cognitive Development” edited by Scott Johnson. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009.

Hugh Gash

Publication Review. Recent books and articles related to constructivist approaches