Volume 5 · Number 2 · Pages 94-96
Theorizing About Constructivist Therapy. Review of “Constructivist Psychotherapy: A Narrative Hermeneutic Approach” by Gabriele Chiari & Maria Laura Nuzzo. Routledge, London, 2010.

Jonathan D. Raskin

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Upshot: Gabriele Chiari and the late Maria Laura Nuzzo’s new book, Constructivist Psychotherapy: A Narrative Hermeneutic Approach, is a densely packed little tome that marks the most fully developed effort so far to present a model of personal construct psychotherapy that theoretically incorporates aspects of radical constructivism, narrative psychology, and social constructionism. The theoretically inclined will not be disappointed.


Raskin J. D. (2010) Theorizing about constructivist therapy. Review of “constructivist psychotherapy: A narrative hermeneutic approach” by gabriele chiari & maria laura nuzzo. Routledge, london, 2010.. Constructivist Foundations 5(2): 94-96. http://constructivist.info/5/2/094

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