Volume 5 · Number 3 · Pages 161–165
Can We Award a Medal for “Vaguery in the Field”? Review of “Studies in Meaning 4: Constructivist Perspectives on Theory, Practice, and Social Justice” edited by Jonathan D. Raskin, Sara K. Bridges & Robert A. Neimeyer. Pace University Press,

Vincent Kenny

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Upshot: This is the fourth book in a series called “Studies in Meaning,” all of which have the term “constructivist” in the title. However, if anyone is expecting to learn about “constructivism” as such they will be disappointed, as the contents, though often engaging, deal little with “constructivism” and instead range through a very disparate and dispersive collection of papers.


Kenny V. (2010) Can we award a medal for “vaguery in the field”? Review of “studies in meaning 4: Constructivist perspectives on theory, practice, and social justice” edited by jonathan d. Raskin, sara k. Bridges & robert a. Neimeyer. Pace university press,. Constructivist Foundations 5(3): 161–165. http://constructivist.info/5/3/161

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