Volume 6, Number 1
November 2010

Special Issue “Can Radical Constructivism Become a Mainstream Endeavor?”, edited by Andreas Quale & Alexander Riegler

Cover Art: “Numéro 71,” mixed media collage and paint, © Olivier Damien 2005, courtesy of the artist

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Editorial: Can Radical Constructivism Become a Mainstream Endeavor?

Alexander Riegler & Andreas Quale

Radical Constructivism: A Tool, not a Super Theory!

Siegfried J. Schmidt

Objections to Radical Constructivism

Andreas Quale

Why People Dislike Radical Constructivism

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Radical Constructivism Has an Answer – But This Answer Is not an Easy One

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

The Radical Constructivist Movement and Its Network Formations

Karl H. Müller

Provocations of an Epistemology

Bernhard Pörksen

Radical Constructivism in Communication Science

Armin Scholl

Radical Constructivism Mainstreaming: A Desirable Endeavor? Critical Considerations using Examples from Educational Studies and Learning Theory

Theo Hug

Exile on Mainstream. Constructivism in Psychotherapy and Suggestions from a Kellian Perspective

Vincent Kenny

Why Radical Constructivism Has not Become a Paradigm

Volker Gadenne

Against Constructivism

Margaret A. Boden

Footprints in the Sand: Radical Constructivism and the Mystery of the Other

David Kenneth Johnson

Realities in Radical Constructivism. Commentary on Johnson’s “Footprints in the Sand” (Open Peer Commentary)

Hugh Gash

Radical Constructivism: Epistemology, Education and Dynamite

Peter Slezak

Consequences of Rejecting Constructivism: “Hold Tight and Pedal Fast”. Commentary on Slezak’s “Radical Constructivism: Epistemology, Education and Dynamite” (Open Peer Commentary)

Leslie P. Steffe

What Can We Learn from the Misunderstandings of Radical Constructivism? Commentary on Slezak’s “Radical Constructivism: Epistemology, Education and Dynamite” (Open Peer Commentary)

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

Onwards and Upwards, Radical Constructivism. A Guest Commentary

Peter Cariani

Publication Review. Recent books and articles related to constructivist approaches