Volume 6, Number 3
July 2011

Special Issue “The Work of Humberto Maturana and Its Application Across the Sciences”, edited by Alexander Riegler & Pille Bunnell

Cover Art: “metamorphosis#30,” photography, © Paul den Hollander 2005, courtesy of the artist.

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Maturana Across the Disciplines

Pille Bunnell & Alexander Riegler

Origins and Implications of Autopoiesis. Preface to the Second Edition of De Máquinas y Seres Vivos

Humberto R. Maturana, Alberto Paucar-Caceres & Roger Harnden

Autopoietic Systems: A Generalized Explanatory Approach – Part 1

Hugo Urrestarazu

The Logic of Maturana’s Biology

Seiichi Imoto

The Specificity of Immunologic Observations

Nelson Monteiro Vaz

The Cognitivist Paradigm 20 Years Later. Commentary on Nelson Vaz (Open Peer Commentary)

Alfred Tauber

The Enactive Paradigm 33 Years Later. Response to Alfred Tauber (Open Peer Commentary)

Nelson Monteiro Vaz

How Humberto Maturana’s Biology of Cognition Can Revive the Language Sciences

Alexander V. Kravchenko

Maturana’s Theory and Interpersonal Ethics

Hugh Gash

The Bioethical Dimension of Maturana’s Thought

Rossella Mascolo

Liberating Conversations

Ximena Yáñez Dávila

Living in Parenthesis. A Layman’s Experiences of Knowing Maturana

Fernando González

The Constructivist Foundations Bibliography: Humberto Maturana

Randall Whitaker

Publication Review. Recent books and articles related to constructivist approaches

Acknowledgment to reviewers of volume 6