Volume 6 · Number 3 · Pages 345–351
The Enactive Paradigm 33 Years Later. Response to Alfred Tauber

Nelson Monteiro Vaz

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Upshot: According to Biology of Cognition and Language (Maturana’s approach) the immune system is not a cognitive system and defining of a cognitive paradigm is not what we understand as a Maturanian approach to immunology. The true cognitive actions in immunology are performed by immunologists acting as observers, not by body organs or systems. Stimuli and responses are not adequate concepts in the description of systems. As a closed network of cellular/molecular interactions, the immune system yields patterns of activity as is transparent in robust conserved profiles of reactivity of natural immunoglobulins, as investigated by Nóbrega et al. and Cohen et al., which offer the opportunity to unravel its natural, spontaneous activity. Dietary materials, products of the commensal microbiome are the most abundant and common elements continuously incorporated to the network activity and, thus, also represent an important avenue of investigation.


Vaz N. M. (2011) The enactive paradigm 33 years later. Response to alfred tauber. Constructivist Foundations 6(3): 345–351. http://constructivist.info/6/3/345

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