Volume 6 · Number 3 · Pages 388–392
Living in Parenthesis. A Layman’s Experiences of Knowing Maturana

Fernando González

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Problem: Starting with his personal experience the author pursues the question: How can we alter our way of living, sensoriality and reflective skills so that we can handle today’s information flows, which nowadays are so large that they create confusion and ineffective educational actions? Method: The approach to follow is called “parenthesism,” a practice based on Maturana’s theoretical frameworks of the “biology of cognition” and the “biology of love.” Results: One of the findings when a person lives in parenthesism is the ability to see their own dogmatism and stubbornness when that person would otherwise be blind to his/her own convictions. Implications: Many aspects of this essay, and this manner of thinking, are circular and tautological, and hence may appear illogical to the reader. However, the author claims that existence is not solely logical, and that in a complex matrix circular and recursive relationships are common, and that these can best be understood through circular and recursive logics. Furthermore the relevance of parenthesism for UNESCO’s view on learning paradigms is reviewed in this light.

Key words: explanation, science, experience, education paradigms


González F. (2011) Living in parenthesis. A layman’s experiences of knowing Maturana. Constructivist Foundations 6(3): 388–392. http://constructivist.info/6/3/388

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