Volume 7, Number 2
March 2012

Special Issue “Constructivism In and About Mathematics”, edited by Bart Van Kerkhove & Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Cover Art: “Sourire,” acrylic on canvas, 100x80cm, © Joëlle Rousselet 2011, courtesy of the artist

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The Many Faces of Mathematical Constructivism

Bart Van Kerkhove & Jean Paul Van Bendegem

On the Role of Constructivism in Mathematical Epistemology

Andreas Quale

The Russell Operator

Louis H. Kauffman

Infinity and the Observer: Radical Constructivism and the Foundations of Mathematics

Peter Cariani

On Infinite Number and Distance

Jeremy Gwiazda

Questioning Constructive Reverse Mathematics

Iris Loeb

A Defense of Strict Finitism

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Publication Review