Volume 7 · Number 3 · Pages 174–179
The Transcendence of the Observer. Discussions at the Conference “The Ethical Meaning of Francisco Varela’s Thought”

Humberto R. Maturana, Michel Bitbol & Pier Luigi Luisi

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Context: At the conference “The Ethical Meaning of Francisco Varela’s Thought,” which took place on 28 May 2011 in Sassari, Italy, Humberto Maturana, Michel Bitbol, and Pier Luigi Luisi participated in two discussions. Purpose: In this edited transcription of the discussions, the participants talk about several aspects of autopoiesis, the observer, ontology, making distinctions and distinguishing different domains, perception and illusion, and transcendence. Results: The discussions shed light on how constructivist concepts are perceived by individual authors. Concepts such as “transcendence” and “objectivity” are understood in different ways. Constructivist content: The concepts discussed are highly relevant for constructivist approaches.

Key words: Autopoiesis, observer, ontology, distinctions, objectivity, transcendence


Maturana H. R., Bitbol M. & Luisi P. L. (2012) The transcendence of the observer. Discussions at the conference “the ethical meaning of Francisco Varela’s thought”. Constructivist Foundations 7(3): 174–179. http://constructivist.info/7/3/174

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