Volume 8, Number 1
November 2012

Special Issue “Luhmann’s Relation to and Relevance for Constructivist Approaches”, edited by Alexander Riegler & Armin Scholl

Cover Art: “Kleine Brug,” mixed media on wood, 70 x 55 cm, by Manu Vandereycken
© 2005 courtesy of the artist,
photograph © 2012 by Yu Chen

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Niklas Luhmann and the Sociological Turn in Constructivism

Alexander Riegler & Armin Scholl

Between Realism and Constructivism? Luhmann’s Ambivalent Epistemological Standpoint

Armin Scholl

Who Observes? An Appropriate Theory of Observation is in Demand (Open Peer Commentary)

Heike Egner

What Exists between Realism and Constructivism? (Open Peer Commentary)

Armin Nassehi

Author’s Response: What Constructivism Does not Say (Open Peer Commentary)

Armin Scholl

Luhmann and the Constructivist Heritage: A Critical Reflection

Eva Buchinger

A Circular Comment on Luhmann as a Question Generator (Open Peer Commentary)

Karl H. Müller

On Reading and Critiquing Luhmann (Open Peer Commentary)

Bernard Scott

Luhmann’s Legacy: Illuminating Constructivism, or Ill-Luhmann-ized Constructs? (Open Peer Commentary)

Randall Whitaker

Author’s Response: Adoption Strategies and Applicability of Luhmann’s Approach (Open Peer Commentary)

Eva Buchinger

Observing Environments

Hugo F. Alrøe & Egon Noe

The Construction of Embodied Agency: The Other Side of the System–Environment Coin (Open Peer Commentary)

Tom Ziemke

Multiple Environments!? (Open Peer Commentary)

Karl-Heinz Simon

The Complexity of Environment in Social Systems Theory (Open Peer Commentary)

Bernhard Freyer & Rebecca Louise Paxton

Authors’ Response: Systems, Environments, and the Body (Open Peer Commentary)

Hugo F. Alrøe & Egon Noe

Making Sense and Meaning: On the Role of Communication and Culture in the Reproduction of Social Systems

Raivo Palmaru

Comparing Incomparability: The Functional Distinction between Operation and Identity (Open Peer Commentary)

Tino G. K. Meitz

Why Culture? (Open Peer Commentary)

Martin Zierold

Author’s Response: Culture Matters (Open Peer Commentary)

Raivo Palmaru

Radical Constructivism and Radical Constructedness: Luhmann’s Sociology of Semantics, Organizations, and Self-Organization

Loet Leydesdorff

Symbolically Generalized Communication Media: A Category Mistake? (Open Peer Commentary)

Kate Distin

Some Reflections on Meaning (Open Peer Commentary)

Roger Harnden

Author’s Response: The Continuous Reconstruction of a Pluralistic Society as an Order of Expectations (Open Peer Commentary)

Loet Leydesdorff

Communication Emerging? On Simulating Structural Coupling in Multiple Contingency

Manfred Füllsack

Is Communication Emerging or Sui Generis? (Open Peer Commentary)

Loet Leydesdorff

Communication Without Emergence? (Open Peer Commentary)

Thomas Kron & Pascal Berger

Author’s Response: Systems as Realities Sui Generis with Eigenbehavior? (Open Peer Commentary)

Manfred Füllsack

Regular Section

Constructivist Criteria for Organising and Designing Educational Research: How Might an Educational Research Inquiry Be Judged from a Constructivist Perspective?

Sandra Joy Kemp

The Game of Fictional Mathematics. Review of “Mathematics and Reality” by Mary Leng

Joachim Frans

Me, Music, and I: Embodied and Enactive Cognition meets Music. Review of “Music and Consciousness” edited by David and Erik Clarke

Jakub Ryszard Matyja

Publication Review. Recent Books and Articles Related to Constructivist Approaches