Volume 8, Number 2
March 2013

Special Issue
“Non-dualism: A Conceptual Revision?”, edited by Alexander Riegler and Stefan Weber

Cover Art: “Untitled,” mixed media on canvas, 180 x 180 cm, © Ralf Bohnenkamp 2012, courtesy of the artist

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Non-dualism: A New Understanding of Language

Alexander Riegler & Stefan Weber

“On Interpretation”

Josef Mitterer

Non-dualism, Infinite Regress Arguments and the “Weak Linguistic Principle”

Stefan Weber

Non-dualism and World: Ontological Questions in the Non-dualizing Mode of Discourse

Katharina Neges

Some Ideas towards a Non-dualism-Compatible Theory of Science

Franz Ofner

Beyond Objectiveness: Non-dualism and Fiction

Marzenna Cyzman

Non-dualistic Sex. Josef Mitterer’s Non-dualistic Philosophy in the Light of Judith Butler’s (De)Constructivist Feminism

Martin G. Weiss

From Descriptions to Prehensions: Mate-R-ealizing Mitterer with Whitehead

Carsten Ochs

Descriptions as Distinctions. George Spencer Brown’s Calculus of Indications as a Basis for Mitterer’s Non-dualistic Descriptions

Patricia Ene

Wittgenstein, Rorty and Mitterer: On Aspects and Descriptions

Thomas Himmelfreundpointner

Economic Theory: A Field for the Application of Non-dualist Thought? A Clarification of Potential Epistemic Benefits

Bernhard H. Vollmar

Public Relations: Between Omnipotence and Impotence

Olaf Hoffjann

Forward to Past Realities: Non-dualism and History

Achim Landwehr

Some Limits of Non-dualism

Alan G. Gross

Non-dualism versus Conceptual Relativism

Peter Kügler

Josef Mitterer and the Philosopher’s Stone (Around His Neck)

Michael Dellwing

Publication Review