Volume 8 · Number 2 · Pages 158-165
Non-dualism and World: Ontological Questions in the Non-dualizing Mode of Discourse

Katharina Neges

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Context: The relation between language and reality, the problem of truth, and ontological questions in general belong to the perennial problems of philosophy. Although non-dualism deals with these problems and their presuppositions, it still remains at the periphery of philosophical discourse. Problem: How to deal with ontological questions within the non-dualizing mode of discourse. Method: The paper tries to reconstruct the origin of, and the interest in, ontological questions addressed to non-dualists; it discusses the possible types of answers to these questions and proposes an alternative way of dealing with them. Results: Ontological questions cannot be formulated within a non-dualist conceptual framework and hence they cannot be answered. Implications: This paper tries to pave the way for leaving ontological questions behind and moving on to a different range of philosophical queries ensuing from a non-dualizing perspective.

Key words: Ontology, reference, discourse, object, description, interpretation


Neges K. (2013) Non-dualism and world: Ontological questions in the non-dualizing mode of discourse. Constructivist Foundations 8(2): 158-165. http://constructivist.info/8/2/158

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