Volume 8 · Number 3 · Pages 358-361
Exploring Luhmann’s Constructivism. Review of “Ontologien der Moderne” edited by René John et al. and of “Luhmann Handbuch” edited by Oliver Jahraus et al.

Armin Scholl

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Upshot: New publications about Niklas Luhmann and his theory of social systems address the question of Luhmann’s epistemological standpoints. A publication on the “ontologies of the modern world” hastily describes social conventions and processes of stabilization as modern ontologies and a new handbook on Luhmann’s life, oeuvre and impact underestimates the major contribution of constructivism in Luhmann’s theory. Although the two books are comprehensive and informative, they do not make enough use of the constructivist potential to explain both Luhmann’s theory as founded upon constructivist epistemology and the processes of modernization.

Key words: ontology, systems theory, epistemology


Scholl A. (2013) Exploring luhmann’s constructivism. Review of “ontologien der moderne” edited by rené john et al. And of “luhmann handbuch” edited by oliver jahraus et al.. Constructivist Foundations 8(3): 358-361. http://constructivist.info/8/3/358

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