Volume 9, Number 2
March 2014

Cover Art: “Lost Edge 28” © Dimitri Kozyrev, 2010, acrylic paint on canvas, 48 x 46”, courtesy of the artist, and Mark Moore Gallery

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Target Article – Theory of Autopoiesis

Social Autopoiesis?

Hugo Urrestarazu

Open Peer Commentaries

When Theoretical Frameworks Collide

Diane Laflamme

Can Inter-human Communications be Modeled as “Autopoietic”?

Loet Leydesdorff

How Can a Social System Be Autopoietic?

Raivo Palmaru

Against a Reductive Materialism of the Social

Pascal Berger

Autopoiesis and Autonomy in the Space of Meaning

Athanasios Karafillidis

Human Autopoiesis?

Alexander V. Kravchenko

Social Systems: Unearthing the Big Picture

Stephen John Cowley & Vincenzo Raimondi

The Autopoiesis of Social Systems

Raf Vanderstraeten

Communication, Autopoiesis and Semiosis

Hugo F. Alrøe & Egon Noe

Freedom and Constraints

John Stewart

Understanding Social Systems?

Humberto R. Maturana

Author’s Response: From Humans to Human Social Systems

Hugo Urrestarazu

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Subsystem Formation Driven by Double Contingency

Bernd Porr & Paolo Di Prodi

Open Peer Commentaries

Learning by Experiencing versus Learning by Registering

Olivier L. Georgeon

Aligning Homeostatic and Heterostatic Perspectives

Patrick M. Pilarski

The Looping Problem

Fabien Hervouet

The Relevance of “Differentiation” and “Binary Code” for Simulating Luhmann

Gastón Becerra

Authors’ Response: What to Do Next: Applying Flexible Learning Algorithms to Develop Constructivist Communication

Bernd Porr & Paolo Di Prodi

Target Article – Constructivism

Info-computational Constructivism and Cognition

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Open Peer Commentaries

IC and the Observed/Observer Duality

Manfred Füllsack

Phenomenological Computation?

Søren Brier

A Mathematical Model for Info-computationalism

Andrée C. Ehresmann

Information, Computation and Mind: Who Is in Charge of the Construction?

Marcin J. Schroeder

Modelling Realities

Hugh Gash

Info-computationalism or Materialism? Neither and Both

Carlos Gershenson

Info-computational Constructivism and Quantum Field Theory

Gianfranco Basti

On the Emergence of Meaningful Information and Computing in Biology

Walter Riofrío

Author’s Response: Why We Need Info-computational Constructivism

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Ethics: A Radical-constructivist Approach

Andreas Quale

Open Peer Commentaries

Constructing Models of Ethical Knowledge: A Scientific Enterprise

Leslie P. Steffe

Ethics: A Sociological View

Philip Lewin

Can a “Generic” Subject Produce an Ethical Stance through Its Own Cognitive Operations?

Jacques Désautels

Cognition Made Neat and Tidy

Marie Larochelle

Radical Constructivism Is Neutral

Hugh Gash

When Sharp Distinctions Fail to Be Useful

Armin Scholl

Constructivists Should Drop the Claim of Ethical Responsibility

Mathis Danelzik

Some Questions about Responsibility

Jack Lochhead

Author’s Response: Ethics: A Non-cognitive Dimension in Radical-constructivist Epistemology

Andreas Quale


Continuous Dialogues IV: Viability and Learning. Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Answers to a Wide Variety of Questioners on the Oikos Web Site 1997-2010

Vincent Kenny


Publication Review. Recent Books and Articles Related to Constructivist Approaches