Volume 9 · Number 2 · Pages 283–292
Continuous Dialogues IV: Viability and Learning. Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Answers to a Wide Variety of Questioners on the Oikos Web Site 1997-2010

Vincent Kenny

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Context: Over a thirteen-year period Ernst von Glasersfeld directly answered a wide diversity of questions posed to him on the Oikos web site. Purpose: This is the fourth and final article in a series that is based on a selection from all of the questions posed in the thirteen-year period and is aimed at giving prominence to key aspects of his radical constructivist approach. Method: This article deals with the issue of “change,” divided into the two main themes of (i) viability as defined by von Glasersfeld and (ii. the processes of personal learning and change. Implications: This ultimate article of this series offers an important source of original material for those readers who are seeking to elaborate their understanding of radical constructivism.

Key words: Viability, experiential realities, Darwinian concept of fitness, functional fit, Piaget, William Powers, intersubjectivity, linguistic communication.


Kenny V. (2014) Continuous dialogues iv: Viability and learning. Ernst von Glasersfeld’s answers to a wide variety of questioners on the oikos web site 1997-2010. Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 283–292. http://constructivist.info/9/2/283

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