Author: Alexander Riegler

Board Member of Constructivist Foundations
Bio Note: Alexander Riegler obtained a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science from Vienna University of Technology in 1995 with a thesis on Artificial Life, and a PhD in Philosophy and Moral Sciences from the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in 2017 with a thesis on Radical Constructivism. Riegler’s interdisciplinary work include diverse areas such as knowledge representation and anticipation in cognitive science, post-Darwinian approaches in evolutionary theory, and constructivist and computational approaches to epistemology. Since 2005 he is the editor-in-chief of Constructivist Foundations.
Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Constructivist approaches covered: This is the list of constructivist approaches covered in Alexander Riegler’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all approaches see http://approaches.cepa.info Constructivist Approaches · Enactivism · Neurophenomenology · Non-Dualism · Radical Constructivism · Second-Order Cybernetics
Scientific disciplines covered: This is the list of all disciplines referred to by Alexander Riegler’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all disciplines see http://disciplines.cepa.info Artificial Intelligence · Biography · Cognitive Science · Computer Science · Cybernetics · Educational Research · Epistemology · Interdisciplinarity · Philosophy · Sociology
Publications in Constructivist Foundations


Riegler A. (2023) A radical afterthought: We know who the students are, but who will be the teachers? Constructivist Foundations 18(2): 348–350. https://constructivist.info/18/2/348
Radical Constructivism + Educational Research
Bunnell P. & Riegler A. (2022) A plurality of perspectives: Maturana’s impact on science and philosophy. Constructivist Foundations 18(1): 001–004. https://constructivist.info/18/1/001
Biology of Cognition
Valenzuela-Moguillansky C., Demšar E. & Riegler A. (2021) An introduction to the enactive scientific study of experience. Constructivist Foundations 16(2): 133–140. https://constructivist.info/16/2/133
Enactivism + Cognitive Science
Vörös S. & Riegler A. (2017) A plea for not watering down the unseemly: Reconsidering francisco varela’s contribution to science. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 1–10. http://constructivist.info/13/1/001
Enactivism + Philosophy of Science
Füllsack M. & Riegler A. (2017) Thinking in eigenbehaviors as a transdisciplinary approach. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 239–245. http://constructivist.info/12/3/239
Second-Order Cybernetics + Computer Science
Valenzuela-Moguillansky C., Vásquez-Rosati A. & Riegler A. (2017) Building a science of experience: Neurophenomenology and related disciplines. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 131–138. http://constructivist.info/12/2/131
Neurophenomenology + Cognitive Science · Philosophy of Science
Müller K. H. & Riegler A. (2016) Mapping the varieties of second-order cybernetics. Constructivist Foundations 11(3): 443–454. http://constructivist.info/11/3/443
Second-Order Cybernetics + Cybernetics · Philosophy
Vörös S., Froese T. & Riegler A. (2016) Epistemological odyssey: Introduction to special issue on the diversity of enactivism and neurophenomenology. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 189–204. http://constructivist.info/11/2/189
Enactivism + Cognitive Science
Müller K. H. & Riegler A. (2014) Second-order science: A vast and largely unexplored science frontier. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 7–15. http://constructivist.info/10/1/007
Radical Constructivism
Müller K. H. & Riegler A. (2014) A new course of action. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 1–6. http://constructivist.info/10/1/001
Radical Constructivism
Riegler A. & Steffe L. P. (2014) “what is the teacher trying to teach students if they are all busy constructing their own private worlds?”: Introduction to the special issue. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 297–301. http://constructivist.info/9/3/297
Radical Constructivism
Riegler A., Stewart J. & Ziemke T. (2013) Computation, cognition and constructivism: Introduction to the special issue. Constructivist Foundations 9(1): 1–6. http://constructivist.info/9/1/001
Radical Constructivism + Artificial Intelligence · Cognitive Science · Computer Science
Riegler A. & Weber S. (2013) Non-dualism: A new understanding of language. Constructivist Foundations 8(2): 139-142. http://constructivist.info/8/2/139
Non-Dualism + Philosophy
Riegler A. & Scholl A. (2012) Niklas luhmann and the sociological turn in constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 8(1): 1–4. http://constructivist.info/8/1/001
Radical Constructivism + Biography · Epistemology · Sociology
Bunnell P. & Riegler A. (2011) Maturana across the disciplines. Constructivist Foundations 6(3): 287–292. http://constructivist.info/6/3/287
Constructivist Approaches + Biography · Educational Research
Riegler A. & Gash H. (2011) Legacy of a great thinker. Editorial for the commemorative issue for ernst von glasersfeld. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 135–137. http://constructivist.info/6/2/135
Radical Constructivism
Riegler A. & Quale A. (2010) Editorial: Can radical constructivism become a mainstream endeavor? Constructivist Foundations 6(1): 1–5. http://constructivist.info/6/1/001
Radical Constructivism + Philosophy
Riegler A. & Weber S. (2008) Non-dualizing from now on? Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 120–122. http://constructivist.info/3/3/120
Non-Dualism + Biography
Glanville R. & Riegler A. (2007) Editorial: Ninety years of constructing. Constructivist Foundations 2(2-3): 2–4. https://constructivist.info/2/2-3/002
Radical Constructivism + Biography
Riegler A. (2005) Editorial. The constructivist challenge. Constructivist Foundations 1(1): 1–8. http://constructivist.info/1/1/001
Constructivist Approaches + Interdisciplinarity · Philosophy
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