Why Paying for a Free Journal?

Academic publishing incurs financial expenses

Publishing Constructivist Foundations involves several cycles of peer-reviewing and editing, resulting in many hours of work for each article, whether published or eventually rejected. In addition, in order to promote the journal we have a small print edition which is sent out to people who might be interested in it and who might recommend it to others. Altogether, this means that we have annual costs of several thousand Euro/USD.

Constructivist Foundations is not sponsored by publishing houses or universities

Being supported by a publishing house necessarily means that they need to reimburse their costs by asking for either high subscription fees (sometimes far more than 1,000 USD) and individual download fees of some 40 USD for a single article, or author processing fees (where authors have to pay up to 2,000 USD for being published). However, this imposes limitations as for most people such prices are simply too high. Since we at Constructivist Foundations feel obliged to apply the principle of broad dissemination of academic knowledge, we simply do not want to follow that road.

We depend on voluntary support

So we depend on and appreciate voluntary subscriptions from people who not only support constructivist approaches in general but who also consider the journal worth being supported. Without these subscriptions we, the editors, would end up paying all the cost of providing authors with a publication platform and providing readers with high-quality articles from our own pockets.

Each time somebody decides to join our efforts by taking out a Voluntary Annual Subscription we are very thankful. And as a token of our appreciation, we assign for one year a "VIP" membership status to these subscribers, which means:

  1. Download articles without daily limit
  2. Download entire issues in a single PDF
  3. For Premium Subscriptions starting at 98 Euro you get a paper copy of each of the three issues of your subscription – since this is a limited paper edition with cover art in color it is also a collector’s item

With a voluntary subscription you enjoy also advantages in the Constructivist E-Paper Archive (CEPA), a collection of several thousand publications related to constructivist approaches:

  1. Perform full text searches
  2. Access the full statistical data for all publications and the weekly statistics for your own papers in CEPA
  3. See a longer list of publications similar to the ones you are downloading

Since we are constantly trying to improve the journal we welcome the feedback from our readers. If you feel that we have overlooked a better way of financing the journal that guarantees the broad dissemination of knowledge, please do not hesitate to let us know.