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Composing Conferences
Exploring Alternatives to the Traditional Conference Format

Special Issue of Constructivist Foundations to be published November 2015
Guest editors: Michael Hohl and Ben Sweeting

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Expressions of interest due: Monday 17 November 2014
Submission deadline for full paper submissions: Friday 6 March 2015


The goal for this special issue is to explore constructivist alternatives to the conventional paper presentation format of academic conferences. How can a conference be organised so that it can be an active place of questioning and exchange where new research questions can be composed and addressed? How can exploratory conversations be central rather than peripheral to the programme? In what ways do constructivist approaches to fields such as education or science also suggest possible rethinkings of academic practices more generally?

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17 November 2014 : Expressions of interest
6 March 2015 : Submission deadline for full papers
17 April 2015 : Peer-review feedback returned to authors
15 May 2015 : Revised paper submission
17 July 2015 : Final paper submission, papers sent to Open Peer Commentary authors
21 August 2015 : Submission deadline for Open Peer Commentaries (OPCs)
11 September 2015 : Final OPC submission, papers sent to paper authors for response
16 October 2015 : Author’s response to OPCs due
15 November 2015 : Publication date

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