Supporting Subscriptions

Constructivist Foundations is an independent peer-reviewed journal listed in the Science Citation Index (AHCI). This is due to the high standard of quality we apply to each production step.

Working with this precision and dedication to detail requires a considerable amount of time and money. However, instead of asking readers or authors to pay for the journal, we think that academic ideals require an alternative way to cover the expenses of producing a scholarly journal.

This “middle” way between the reader payment model in traditional journals and author payment models in open access journals is “Supporting Subscriptions”. These are paid by institutions whose members publish in the journal. For these institutions, paying an annual Supporting Subscription is cheaper than paying Author Processing Fees for each article that members of the institution publish in the journal.

Even so, a Supporting Subscription is not a requirement for being published in our journal. However, we appeal to the ideal of academic research as a collaborative undertaking shared by researchers and their institutions - on both the intellectual and the monetary level.

If you, as an institution or university, value the academic product of your researchers, please consider supporting Constructivist Foundations with a voluntary subscription of 500 Euro. For details, contact us at support@constructivist.info.