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In addition to supporting the independent academic journal Constructivist Foundations, readers with a voluntary subscription enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Download articles without daily limit
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  3. For Premium Subscriptions starting at 98 Euro you get a paper copy of each of the three issues of your subscription – since this is a limited paper edition with cover art in color it is also a collector’s item

With a voluntary subscription readers also enjoy advantages in the Constructivist E-Paper Archive (CEPA), a collection of several thousand publications related to constructivist approaches:

  1. Access the full statistical data for all publications
  2. If you are an author yourself, see the weekly statistics for your own papers in CEPA
  3. See the list of publications similar to the ones you are viewing
  4. Print and copy/paste the entire content of CEPA documents

How to take out such a subscription?

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