Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist, Editor-In-Chief of Constructivist Foundations
I have been a senior research fellow at the universities of Brussels, Leuven, Zurich, and Vienna dedicated to interdisciplinary research situated in cognitive science, epistemology, and artificial life. Since 2005 I am the editor-in-chief of the AHCI-journal Constructivist Foundations. Its aim is to promote interdisciplinary scientific foundations and applications of constructivist approaches to science and philosophy. I am the author of more than 90 scholarly publications, including six edited books on complexity, representationalism, virtual reality, radical constructivism, and non-dualizing philosophy. In 1995, I was the co-founder of the Austrian Society of Cognitive Science (ASoCS). Furthermore, since 1997, I maintain the Radical Constructivism Portal, a collection of papers, books, information of proponents, organizations, and other links related to the constructivist epistemology.


Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, Vienna University of Technology
Ph.D., Philosophy and Moral Sciences, Free University of Brussels (VUB)



  • Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
  • Research Group “Foundations of the Exact Sciences” in the Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)
  • Cognitive Science Research Platform, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Research Group “Wissenschaftstheorie: Kulturen und Technologien des Wissens”, Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Financial Markets Lab, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)