Invited talk “Prospects for Constructivist Publishing” at the Ernst von Glasersfeld Centenary Conference 2017 - Radikaler Konstruktivismus: Vergangenheit, Gegenwart Und Zukunft, University of Innsbruck, Austria, 20 April 2017
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Invited talk “Constructivist Approaches Revisited” at the First Cybernetic Coalition Symposium, Vienna, 16 November 2008.
Talk “Extending the Hegselmann-Krause Model” at the Workshop on Computer Simulations in Social Epistemology, Leuven, 30 October 2008.
Invited talk “Is Glasersfeld’s Constructivism a Dangerous Intellectual Tendency?” at the Third International Heinz von Foerster Congress, Vienna, 16–18 November 2007.
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Invited talk “Constructivist Foundations” at the Second Heinz von Foerster Congress, Vienna, 11–13 November 2005.
Invited talk “Past, present and future of (radical) constructivism” at the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) 2005 Conference, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 27–30 October 2005.
Talk “Levels of scientific understanding” at the conference Philosophical Perspectives on Scientific Understanding, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 25–27 August 2005.
Talk “Der Radikale Konstruktivismus als historistische Netzwerktheorie” at the 28th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, 7–13 August 2005.
Talk “Decision making and anticipation: Why Buridani’s ass is an unlikely creature” at the Special Focus Symposium on Cognitive, Emotive and Ethical Aspects of Decision-Making in Humans and in AI at the 17th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics (InterSymp-2005) in Baden-Baden, Germany, 3–4 August 2005.
Poster presentation “The radical constructivist dynamics of cognition” at the Post-Cognitivist Psychology conference, Univ. of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 4–6 July 2005.
Talk “Cognitive systems do not pick up knowledge from the environment” at the Symposium on Adaptive Models of Knowledge, Language and Cognition (AMKLC’05), Helsinki, Finland, 15 June 2005.
Talk “The paradox of autonomy: The interaction between humans and autonomous cognitive artifacts” at the conference “Computing and Philosophy” (E-CAP2005), Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden, 2–4 June 2005.
Invited talk “Radikal anders. Gründe gegen einen naturalistischen oder idealistischen Radikalen Konstruktivismus” at the “konstruktivismus04. Zum Status Quo des konstruktivistischen Diskurses”, University of Siegen, Germany, 2–3 December 2004.
Talk “Turing’s Choice: Human and Artificial Volition” 1st Global Conference “Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Critical Issues,” 4–6 December 2003, Vienna.
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Invited Talk “Under Construction” at the International Heinz von Foerster Congress Knowledge – Organization – Society Wittgenstein-Haus, Vienna, 13–15 November 2003.
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Talk “The Phenomenological-Constructivist Approach to Interdisciplinary Inquiry” at the conference “Internet, Processing, Systems, Interdisciplinaries” (IPSI 2003), Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, 4–11 October 2003.
Talk “Memory Ain’t No Fridge: A Constructivist Interpretation of Constructive Memory” at the Advanced Interdisciplinary Workshop on Constructive Memory: Data and Models, Sofia, New Bulgarian University, 12–14 July 2003.
Talk “Construction of Arbitrariness and Arbitrariness of Construction” at the Heinz von Foerster Symposium, Vienna, Austria, 13 November 2002.
Invited talk “Wer konstruiert wirklich? Gedanken zum Seelebegriff aus kognitiv-konstruktivistischer Perspektive” [Who constructs really? The notion of “soul” from a cognitive-constructivist perspective] at the fourth “Die Seele” symposium on “Die Rolle der Seele aus der Perspektive der Cognitive Science und des Artificial Life”, Vienna, Austria, 10 November 2001.
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Invited talk “Het constructivistische wereldbeeld: Implementatie en consequenties” [The Constructivist World View: Implementation and Consequences] at the Centrum voor Logica en Wetenschapsfilosofie, Brussels, Belgium, 8 November 2001.
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Invited talk “Die drei Ebenen der Erkenntnisgewinnung und ihre Beziehung zum Radikalen Konstruktivismus” at the Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna, Austria, 20 April 2001.
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Invited talk “Science from a Radical Constructivist Point of View” at the University of Freiburg, Germany, 22 August 2000.
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(Invited) talk “Is the Mind Weakly or Strongly Anticipatory?” at the Fourth International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems (CASYS’2000), 9 August 2000 in Liege, Belgium.
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Talk “Machines As Scientists?” at the 6th Congress of the Austrian Society of Philosophy, Linz, Austria, 3 June 2000.
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Invited talk “Evolution oder Fortschritt von Kognition?” at the Austrian Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence, 31 May 2000.
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Invited talk “Können wir das Problem der Echtzeitkognition lösen?” at the symposium “Artificial Life: Organismisch-systemische Perspektiven künstlichen Lebens” in Vienna, Austria, 24 April 1999.
Invited talk “A Computational Model for Popper’s Searchlight View On Mind” at the Philosophy and Moral Science Department of the University of Ghent, Belgium, 26 Jan 1999.
Invited talks at Lund University Cognitive Science, Sweden, Oct 1998 on “A constructivist cognitive architecture – with application to a serendipitous webagent” and “Cognitive limits of science and the nature of models”.
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Talk “Lock-Ins, Canalization, Functional Dependency – Where does this all lead to?” at the workshop Emergent Semantic and Computational Processes in Distributed Information Systems at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, 10 August 1998.
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